Tuesday, 26 May 2009

My Greasemonkey Scripts

During the last months the list of greasemonkey scripts which I wrote for flickr became larger. Here is an overview of all my scripts with a short description:
  • Configurable Flickr Homepage: Provides additional features for modifying the layout of the flickr homepage.
  • Flickr Filter Hearts: This script filters images in flickr photo comments to make them more readable.
  • More Activity Links: Adds separated links for activities of the users photos and for activities of pictures which a user has commented.
  • Mark Outdated Photos: Marks outdated photos on the flickr page, which shows recent photos from your contacts.
  • Hiccup Counter: Counts flickr hiccups and makes hidden error messages visible.
  • Add Now Button: Adds a "Now" button to the photo date page.
  • Large Pictures In Flickr Comments: This script makes the maximum width of pictures in flickr comments configurable. Without this script the width is limited to 500 pixels.

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