Sunday, 24 May 2009

Greasemonkey Script: Flickr Hiccup Counter

Greasemonkey Script: Flickr Hiccup Counter

This is an announcement for a greasemonkey script named "Flickr Hiccup Counter".

If something is wrong with the flickr system the famous "hiccup" message is displayed.

This script counts the number of hiccups which the user has seen so far. Moreover it makes hidden error information visible.

You need to have Firefox and the Greasmonkey add-on installed.

If you use this script and think that it is helpful, then I kindly ask you to visit my photostream ( and leave some comments on my photos.

The script is available under the GPL license (which implies that I publish it without any warranty!).

The script can be downloaded from

2009-05-24: 0.1beta First public beta version

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