Saturday, 7 February 2009

Greasemonkey Script: Large Pictures In Flickr Comments

Greasemonkey Script: Large Pictures In Flickr Comments

This is an announcement for a greasemonkey script named "Large Pictures In Flickr Comments".

Flickr limits the width of pictures which are embedded in comments to 500 pixels. This makes sense in many cases but sometimes it's annoying. If you try to include wider pictures e.g. with the large or original resolution then they will be scaled down to a width of 500 pixels.

This script makes the maximum width configurable. After installation the default value is 1280 pixels.

Click with the right mouse button on the greasemonkey icon and select the command "Set the maximum width of pictures in flickr comments" in the menu "User Script Commands" to configure this value.

You need to have Firefox and the Greasmonkey add-on installed.

If you use this script and think that it is helpful, then I kindly ask you to visit my photostream ( and leave some comments on my photos.

The script is available under the GPL license (which implies that I publish it without any warranty!).

The script can be downloaded from

2009-03-06: 0.1 First public version

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