Sunday, 19 October 2008

Greasemonkey Script: More Activity Links

Greasemonkey Script: More Activity Links

This is an announcement for a greasemonkey script named "Flickr More Activity Links". You need to have Firefox and the Greasmonkey add-on installed.

The purpose of this greasemonkey script is to add links to flickr's activity pages to the "You" menu, the buddy icon menu and to flickr's homepage.

The new links can be seen in the screenshots. They are marked with red borders.

New links in the buddy icon.

New links in the "You" menu.

If you use this script and think that it is helpful, then I kindly ask you to visit my photostream ( and leave some comments on my photos.

The script is available under the GPL license (which implies that I publish it without any warranty!).


2008-11-19 0.5
Removed links from activity pages which are now already included in the original pages.
Renamed links.
Added a link to customized activity page to the 'You' menu.
Added links to several activities pages to the buddy icon drop down menu.
2008-10-20 0.4 Moved homepage link to the top of the page.
2008-10-20 0.3 Added mine, others, both links to the homepage.
2008-10-18 0.2 Added a "both" link.
2008-10-18 0.1 First version.

The script can be downloaded from

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