Friday, 15 February 2008

Greasemonkey Script: Flickr Mark Outdated Photos

Greasemonkey Script: Flickr Mark Outdated Photos

This is an announcement for a greasemonkey script named "Flickr Mark Outdated Photos" which I have written.

The script can be downloaded from the server:

The purpose of this greasemonkey script is to detect photos on flickr's "Contacts" page ( or sub pages which are outdated because of a long existing bug in the flickr system. It marks such photos with a red border and displays the number of detected outdated photos.

I wrote this script for my own use but because I think that this problem is so annoying for many, many flickr users I made it public. It's available under the GPL license (which implies that I publish it without any warranty!).

If you use this script and you think that it is helpful, then I would be very delighted if you visit my photostream ( and write some comments on my photos.

I am not able to give any support if you have problems with the script. Actually, it's only a workaround for a bug which is caused by flickr. Instead, I suggest that you write to flickr and ask them to fix the wrong behavior of their system.

Here is a short description of the actual problem:

Sometimes when users upload new photos to their streams, these photos might not be shown on the "Contacts" page. Only after hours and sometimes even after days the photos are updated. Nevertheless, the most recent photo is visible in the user's photostream. The problem is that after this time, these photos are already old and won't be displayed on the first page and therefore, might be overlooked. This bug has already been there since approximately August 2007. The bug was reported in the help forum of flickr several times (e.g. here) without much concrete results. After all this time I assume that flickr won't fix this bug in a reasonable timeframe.

Only flickr can fix this bug, but what this script does is marking the affected photos. After loading the "Contacts" page or one of the sub pages all displayed photos are checked. Behind the header text ("Your contacts") a progress indicator is displayed, which shows the number of photos which are already checked. If outdated photos are detected, they will be marked with a red border. Moreover, the number of outdated photos is displayed in the header text. If you click on the name below them, the photostream of the user will appear and the latest photos will be displayed.

If installed, this script helps prevent the photos from your contacts from being missed. If your contacts install it, too, then it also helps to make your own photos visible.

Please be aware of the following drawbacks:

* The data traffic is significantly higher because the HTML code of the photo pages of each contact of the displayed photos is downloaded.
* A picture might be incorrectly marked as outdated if up to 5 pictures of each user are displayed on the "Contacts" page and the picture is the first picture on a sub page.

2008-04-09 0.6 Adapted to layout changes because of flickr's introduction of videos.
2008-02-19 0.5 Better performance.
2008-02-18 0.4 It's now possible to leave the contacts page before all photos have been examined.
2008-02-13 0.3 Support of URLs without trailing '/'
2008-02-13 0.2 It's now possible to use URLs without "www" (
2008-02-12 0.1 First version

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