Friday, 15 February 2008

Greasemonkey Script: Flickr Filter Hearts

Greasemonkey Script: Flickr Filter Hearts

This is an announcement for a greasemonkey script named "Flickr Filter Hearts".

The purpose of this greasemonkey script is to filter images in photo comments to make them more readable.

Many people are annoyed by big images which are e.g. included in invitations or awards to some groups. This script removes these images. It keeps other images which most likely add some value to the comments.

You need to have Firefox and the Greasmonkey add-on installed.

If you use this script and think that it is helpful, then I would be very delighted if you visit my photostream ( and write some comments on my photos.

The script is available under the GPL license (which implies that I publish it without any warranty!).

2009-12-14 0.12 Filter images which are directly placed below a text link to a group.
2009-05-15 0.11 The script no longer changes comments of the picture owner (this was broken in the last version). Improved detection of group icons. Added a white list for some images.
2009-02-13 0.10 Adapted to changed layout. Remove linked images to groups completely.
2008-10-24 0.9 Keep images from the photostream of the commenter.
2008-09-11 0.8 Adapted script for new flickr layout.
2008-02-18 0.7 Keep images in comments from the owner of the photo.
2008-02-17 0.6 Filter images which are directly followed by a link to a group.
2008-02-16 0.5 Always filter images, which are linked to flickr groups.
2008-02-15 0.4 Keep external images.
2008-02-15 0.3 Keep inline defined images.
2008-02-15 0.2 Filter linked group icons which have a buddy icon URL
2008-02-14 0.1 First version

The script can be downloaded from the server:

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~shrewd~ said...

Hi your script somehow collides with Better Geocoding within Flickr (Neat Bookmarklet) V5.0 -

It removes the ability to store/change the geo location